What is a garden window?

A garden window projects out from the wall of the house. It has four window units. The two ventilating side units are trapezoidal casement units that open outwards with a crank. The center unit and the roof are picture windows. The insulated glazed roof is designed to to be weather tight and leak proof. It’s called a garden window because it provides an ideal environment for growing plants indoors. It’s the next best thing to adding a small conservatory to your house, and much easier on your budget. The result is a beautiful new green space that will give you many years of trouble-free service.

What is a good location for a garden window?


Above the sink in the kitchen is the most popular choice to locate a garden window. Since it is custom made, you can replace an existing window without making costly and time consuming structural changes.

Garden Window Features:

  • Available in White and Almond
  • Fully welded sash and frame for added strength and support
  • Low emissivity insulated glass reduces heat and cold transmission
  • Easy to open and operate venting side-lites¬†allow you to enjoy a midday breeze
  • Fully adjustable tempered glass shelf to display your favorite items
  • Insulated window seat for increased efficiency and thermal protection